• Ready for the rain with our very own ark!
  • Lovely display from the Green Team.
  • Twenty six young men from our school were killed in World War One.
  • We will remember them.
  • Chess in the sunshine.
  • The school was built in 1851.

Welcome to Forty Hill C.E. School by Year 6.

Forty Hill Church of England Primary School is a magnificent school. We do a range of different things, from school trips, to special visitors like the local MP. Our school has a great reputation for sport. We achieved Gold Kite Mark for school sport and we are very proud of that. We are good at gardening and each class has an allotment.

But between all the fun we have, our education is the most important thing to us. All the teachers are curious to find out what children find hard at school and what they find easy. Our 240 children are wonderful - they are all good at something.

The staff at our school have a wide range of experiences and help us children to try our very best in everything we do. Our school motto is 'at all times and in all places always be your very best self'. We try to achieve our motto and always try for the highest standards. We have a School Council where we help one another and think about everyone.

The borders of our school are surrounded by a wonderfully green location. The trees and fields are lush and green even though the school is only 9 miles from the centre of the great city of London. The life of the school is fantastically busy and diverse. Some parents in our school often go to work and come back late. This is not a problem because the children will be taken to the after school club where they have time to play and do their homework.

If your child comes to this school they will have a fantastic time. Please contact the school for more information, copies of school policies or to arrange a visit. We wouldn't recommend any other school because Forty Hill is the best!