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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School


We are proud of our school uniform. 

We believe our uniform makes a positive statement about the high expectations of our school, gives children a sense of pride in their shared school community, and supports both staff and parents to fulfil our commitment to equality. We will work closely with parents to maintain our high standards and support our pupils to be proud of wearing their uniform.

Ordering and Purchasing Uniform
Our uniform including Forty Hill book bags and backpacks can be purchased at J Smith & Sons (Lancaster Road) or online by logging into
Enter “Forty Hill” in the search section and the uniform will appear.

You can also purchase general uniform items (those without our logo) from other suppliers e.g. Marks & Spencer and major supermarkets.

Where a family might face problems in providing correct uniform, or in any temporary circumstance where an incorrect uniform is likely, we request that parents contact the school in order that we might understand and offer support. Uniform will be checked regularly and if the school is aware of any problems it can save children being questioned unnecessarily.

School Uniform

Summer Uniform
(optional for Summer term and/or hot weather)
  • Dark grey trousers or bottle green tunic/skirt
  • White shirt with collar and tie

(KS1 children may wear a polo shirt and no tie)

  • Bottle green V-neck jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan with school badge
  • Bottle green fleece for Winter with school badge
  • Black or grey socks or green or black tights
  • Dark grey shorts
  • Green and white Gingham dress with white socks
  • All children have the option of wearing a white polo shirt with or without school badge without a tie










Nursery School Uniform

Summer Uniform
(optional for Summer term and/or hot weather)

  • Black jogging bottoms or black leggings
  • White polo shirt with or without school badge              
  • Bottle green sweatshirt with school badge
  • Black socks or black tights
  • Black shorts and white polo shirt with or without school badge
  • Green and white Gingham dress with white socks








P.E. Kit                                               
PE Kit is recognised as an important part of the school uniform and must be worn to school when it is your child's PE Day. Wearing PE kit to school on PE Days means your child has a longer PE session, prevents our narrow corridors being crowded with PE kits and definitely less chance of losing uniform! For health and safety reasons, children will be required to remove their jewellery or cover stud earrings with tape.

The school can not be held responsible for loss or damage to jewellery.

House Colour (Yellow, Red, Orange, Green or Blue) PE T-shirt with school badge                      
Bottle Green shorts or Green Jogging bottoms                                            
Black Plimsolls and/or trainers
PE bag with school badge – please ensure this is named
You may wish your child to have a green sweatshirt (with school badge) for PE
Nursery children do not require a PE kit


Book Bags
We strongly recommend that all children from Nursery to Year 6 have a school book bag or school backpack. These can be used for their reading records, home reader and any letters that are sent out. As our school building is small with narrow corridors, we ask if you can use the school book bags or backpacks to keep our narrow corridors clear and safe as they are smaller, compact and smart.

Black school shoes or smart plain black trainers.
Footwear should be confined to shoes that support the foot and are comfortable; not a fashion statement, high-heeled shoes, sandals or boots. The children are encouraged at all times to ensure the shoes are correctly fixed on their feet. Younger children wearing shoes with laces must be able to tie their own laces.

Only stud earrings and a simple watch are allowed to be worn to school. Bracelets, necklaces or rings are not to be worn at any time. Children will be required to remove any items worn unless for religious reasons that have been notified to the Headteacher in writing. The school will not be responsible for these items. Nail varnish is not allowed to be worn in school, and will be removed if worn.

For safety reasons, long hair must be tied back with an appropriate fastening at all times (this applies to girls and boys).  All fastenings need to be grey, black or green and should be small and indiscreet. Children should not have shaved symbols in their hair nor coloured streaks.