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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School

Our Vegetable Garden

In 2021, we received a grant from the Local Authority to establish our own 'Edible Garden'. We invested in raised beds for every year groups, gardening equipment, seeds and bulbs and lots of compost! This project has grown since it's humble beginnings into a beautiful, flourishing vegetable garden that has been created and maintained by staff, parents and, most importantly, our children. Miss Bissett leads our Gardening Club and Gardening Nurture Group to ensure our garden provides produce, education and serenity throughout the year. We are now sponsored on an annual basis by one of our generous parents, which enables us to continue to grow bigger in every way. Our community has benefitted from our garden through regular Produce Sales in the playground and even a stall selling soup made form our very own garden. Our gardens helps us to make steps towards being self-sufficient and more sustainable, as well as enabling us to fulfil our role as 'Stewards of God's Earth' and fulfilling our School Values of Responsibility, Respect and Compassion.


Harvesting September 2023


Maintaining the Garden Summer 2022

Serving Soup to the Community made from our own produce November 2022


Building our garden September 2021

Our first harvest September 2022


Our Gardening Awards