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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School

Mrs Gemma Browes

My name is Gemma and my husband and I have two children in Forty Hill School.  I had thought of nominating myself previously for a parent governor position however when the children were younger and I was working part time I felt that it would have been difficult to give the position the time and effort it deserves.  Now however they are older and apparently more capable and I would like to be able to hopefully have a positive influence on the school before Isobel leaves in two years’ time.

I still work part time as a Nuclear Medicine Superintendent in the Radiology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital.  I have been at GOSH for 12 years now working both clinically and for the last 10 years in a managerial role within the clinical unit.  Leading the clinical service for the last 10 years has obviously exposed me to all aspects of challenging situations with regards to children and families.   I have extensive experience in safeguarding, health and safety (including literally millions of risk assessments) and writing endless business cases in order to improve our patient experiences.  At work we are constantly helping children and their families through difficult situations with a range of disabilities both physically and mentally.  I would hope that my experience in all these areas particularly safeguarding, which is paramount at Great Ormond Street, will be beneficial to the governors.

In addition to my clinical role I am responsible for all areas of staff management for my team of 12 and I co-manage approximately 40 others.  Like the teaching profession, the NHS is an extremely under-resourced, pressured environment.  I would hope that my staff management skills gained working at GOSH will aid the governing body in appreciating the importance of good quality staff for our children and equally the value of retention.

Most of all however I would hope that I will challenge the staff and governors at the school to give the best possible opportunities for our children in order for them to thrive and succeed in reaching their own potential and have some fun along the way.