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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School


At Forty Hill, we believe that maths is an essential part of everyday life.

Learning is, therefore, focused on children securing a strong conceptual understanding of maths and developing the skills and self-confidence required to apply their mathematical knowledge to creatively solve problems. Through providing opportunities for children to experience real-world problems and uses of maths, children are able to practise applying their mathematical skills and see their value. 

“I enjoy playing maths games it helps me to learn better because we can explore maths in lots of different ways”

- Year 2 child

Throughout their Maths lessons, children are supported in mastering their mathematical knowledge at all levels of learning. By using a variety of resources, including White Rose Maths and NCETM, children are provided with opportunities to explore their understanding and apply their skills to new situations and problems. Additionally, children are encouraged to talk about their understanding using mathematical language and, with the support of careful questioning, explain their methods and answers.  This enables our children to become literate mathematicians who can confidently express their understanding. 

At Forty Hill, we believe that the use of manipulatives is fundamental in supporting children to bridge the gap from the abstract to the tangible. At Forty Hill, children first gain a conceptual understanding through the use of practical equipment before representing problems pictorially. The use of manipulatives enables children to gain a secure understanding of maths which can be used to support their use of written methods.

“Manipulatives help us to understand what the number means which means that we can work things out easier and  can answer questions with confidence without hesitating”

- Year 4 children

When planning for Maths, we follow the Enfield Local Authority guidance for Mathematics. To support children’s application of maths, pupils are taught a range of written methods which build upon their conceptual knowledge and enable children to efficiently calculate using mathematical operations. Children are taught these methods in conjunction with mental strategies which help children to become fluent mathematicians.