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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School

Making Good Choices

At Forty Hill CE School, we believe passionately that every member of the school community is of equal importance in the eyes of God. Our school’s positive Christian Vision and Values, which are agreed by pupils, staff, parents and governors, allow us to work in harmony with one another and ensure safety and wellbeing for all within the school community.

Furthermore, we believe that the establishment of a good learning environment both within and outside the classroom is key to effective education. Effective teaching and learning is dependent on positive relationships established at school and classroom level through interactions between staff and pupils and between pupils themselves. We believe that it is crucial for parents to embrace the values of the school and also to model appropriate behaviours.

Our Positive Behaviour Ethos

Children have to learn positive behaviour and the ability to self-regulate, this includes learning from their mistakes. Consistency and a supportive environment is the key to success.

At Forty Hill:

  • We establish class rules with our children at the beginning of each year to facilitate discussion of behavior choices throughout the year
  • We remain open and honest with children and follow through with decisions made
  • Before taking any action, we clearly communicate our intentions to the pupil
  • Where required, we follow through with fair and effective consequences that are appropriate to the choices made by the individual or the group.
  • We strive to be a “no shouting school”
  • We seek advice and support to prevent a situation from escalating

And so…

  • We set clear and consistent expectations 
  • We provide simple explanations for these expectations
  • We support our children through the use of the Zones of Regulation and the toolkits associated with each zone
  • Where appropriate, we encourage our children to use their known toolkits independently
  • We focus on identifying the root cause for the poor behaviour choices and support children to make better choices in the future
  • We provide choices to the child when appropriate
  • We recognise, praise and reinforce appropriate behaviour
  • We allow time for children to respond to expectations
  • We encourage the child to seek help and ensure that they always know who is available to help them (e.g. friend, duty staff, class teacher, pastoral lead, senior staff, Vicar)

Working in partnership with parents

We recognise that parents have a considerable influence upon their child’s behaviour and play a vital role in ensuring their child is able to have a successful and positive day at school. We know that establishing an effective working partnership will positively affect standards of behaviour and achievement.

At Forty Hill:

  • All members of the school community are expected to respect each other
  • Parents should encourage their children to respect and value each other, and school property and equipment
  • All members of the school community are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times while under the jurisdiction of the school
  • Parents have a responsibility to ensure their children do not bring any potentially dangerous objects to school that could harm themselves or others, including food items that could result severe allergic reaction.
  • Parents should ensure their children understand that they must remain on the school grounds during the normal school hours
  • Parents should model our school values when interacting with each other, staff and pupils.

Positive Behaviour Strategies

The following is a guide to some of the positive behaviour strategies the school staff and pupils can employ to reward, recognise and encourage positive behaviour. These cover all aspects of school life so it is possible for all children to achieve a school award:

  • Awarding values, achievement and star of the week certificates, table/group points, house points, Values awards/nominations, certificates and stickers, including our values stickers, for positive behaviour and achievement in areas across the curriculum and out of school
  • Recognition of good behaviour through our ‘Reach for the Stars’ class based system, which are tailored to Phase 1 and Phase 2 respectively.
  • Use of PSHE, ‘Circle Time’ and Philosophy for Children (P4C) to discuss aspects of personal and social development including positive and negative behaviour
  • Religious Education lessons to discuss Christian Values, the teachings of Christ and tolerance and respect of others’ beliefs or non-belief
  • Discussing whole school behaviour issues at School Council meetings
  • Consistent use of positive praise by all staff as a sincere and prompt response to positive behaviour or achievement
  • ‘Good News’ postcards sent home to share good choices and achievements
  • Giving positive feedback to individuals about their work/behaviour and commending behaviour to the whole class
  • Showing work to others, including older children, other teachers and the headteacher
  • Whole school Collective Acts of Worship on the School and British Values, the teachings of Christ and moral and social issues
  • Setting of personal and class targets for improving work and/or behaviour
  • Availability of a staffed support space inside school at lunchtimes for children who are finding it challenging to make good or safe choices or need to regulate.