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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School

Intergenerational Project

Before the pandemic, Forty Hill School joined a wonderful initiative to link care homes with primary school to encourage the development of relationships within the community, create opportunities for young and older generations to share experiences and enable our children to grow into responsible, respectful and caring citizens. This project also reduces isolation and promotes the re-bonding of communities after being separate for so long due to Covid restrictions. Our part in this project, links directly with our school Vision and Values, and promotes our children as courageous advocates, going out into the wider community and make a difference to other's lives.Through our interactions with Elsyng House, we know our children will become more fulfilled, healthy and successful. This initiative was organised by the Enfield Town School's Partnership in association with My Home Life England, The Linking Network and Care Home Fans.

Making Hedgehog Houses November 2022

Joining Forty Hill for Harvest Festival September 2022

Year 4 Making Easter Bonnets March 2022

Year 3 Making Easter Nest March 2022