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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School


At Forty Hill, teaching and learning is our vision in action, informing and supporting the best classroom practice.  We strive to give every child the opportunity to be successful in every lesson taught. 

We see effective teaching and learning as the outcome of team work encompassing pupils, staff, parents, governors and all members of our community.

We use a range of teaching strategies, developed with our teaching staff through extensive and varied training, to engage our children in their learning. We encourage our teachers to teach in a way that will ensure the best learning outcomes for all children. This means that our teaching style is often flexible, usually creative and seeks to nurture independence, resilience and ambition for all pupils.

Within our school, whether it is in the classroom, our communal areas, outdoors or in the playground, you will see our children learning in a way that suits their individual and class needs. This may include:

  • Agile learning – the process of children learning at a suitable pace and level, often in smaller groups, with the class teacher, member of support staff or independently
  • Mastery and challenge – opportunities for children at all levels to apply and deepen their knowledge and understanding
  • Assessment for Learning – a variety of different methods to gain an insight into children’s understanding of the topic, achievement and progress
  • Differentiation – children completing work at a suitable level for them
  • A variety of experiences and opportunities – this could be through listening to the teacher, paired work, group work, independent challenges, discovery, drama, visitors, trips, use of manipulatives and resources, use of ICT etc   

Children receive feedback on their learning in a variety of ways. This helps them to become better learners and reflect on the work they have done. Feedback should always be meaningful and support the children with their learning.

At Forty Hill, as we are a small school, we have curriculum teams of teachers, who work together to ensure that our curriculum areas are well taught, engaging and sequential. Working in partnership, allows the staff to gain a greater understanding of their subject areas across the whole school, linking to our vision of giving every child every opportunity. 

Expressive Arts and the Past - Art, DT, History, Music

Miss Keane, Miss Hills, Mrs Munt, Miss Wisbey

Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Outdoor Learning, Science, Geography, PE

Miss Clifford, Miss Bissett, Miss Adesina, Ms Izard

Communication and Language - Computing, MFL, PSHE (including P4C)

Mrs Saunders, Mrs Kubilay, Mrs Fernandes, Miss Dale, Miss Khan

Maths - Miss Clifford 
RE - Miss Keane 
Literacy - Mrs Saunders