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Forty Hill C.E. School

Forty Hill C.E. School

Christmas 2020

This year, we want to make Christmas as special as we can for the children, parents and staff at Forty Hill. We know it has been a really tough year in so many ways, so let’s end it with a magical celebration of Christmas! See the letter below for all the exciting things taking place this year! A huge thank you to the APF for organising a wonderful Christmas for our children! 

Our Spectacular Advent Calendar 

As the children will not have the opportunity to enjoy all the games and fun activities at the Christmas Bazaar this year, the APF have created a Virtual Christmas Advent Calendar for the children to enjoy every school day during December. Each class will access the Advent Calendar daily, via their interactive whiteboards in class. They will see an extract of the Christmas Story, a Christmas Cracker joke, and each class will receive an exciting message or activity clip from someone or something! Plus… they will receive class and individual gifts and a fun activity along the way too! We really hope that this will be exciting and lots of fun for the children during December and we look forward to sharing with you what the daily doors reveal.

Tuesday 1st December - 

Wednesday 2nd December -

Thursday 3rd December -

Friday 4th December -

Monday 7th December -

Tuesday 8th December -

Wednesday 9th December -  

The Curator from the Natural History Museum also sent this link to a 3D model of Hope that was produced by laser-scanning each of her bones... check it out!

Thursday 10th December -
Today is our Chocolate Reindeer Hunt! We will be posting pictures in the gallery section of the school website:

Friday 11th December -  

Monday 14th December -

Tuesday 15th December -

Wednesday 16th December -

Thursday 17th December -

Friday 18th December -


The Twelve Days of Christmas Carols (well 14 actually!)

Although we would like to all join together to sing carols at the end of the day in the last week, we do not feel we can do this, this year. Instead, we will be recording children singing carols and uploading them to our website each school day during Advent for you to watch at your leisure. Look out for the daily additions here: 

Day 1 (Tuesday 1st December) – Year 3 & 4 – Come and Join the Celebration

Day 2 (Wednesday 2nd December) – Year 1 & 2 – Hosanna Rock

Day 3 (Thursday 3rd December) – Year 5 & 6 – Love Shone Down

Day 4 (Friday 4th December) – Nursery and Reception – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Day 5 (Monday 7th December) – Year 3 & 4 – Sing the Love

Day 6 (Tuesday 8th December) – Year 1 & 2 – He’s The King

Day 7 (Wednesday 9th December) – Year 5 & 6 – Must be Santa

Day 8 (Thursday 10th December) – Nursery and Reception – Clip Clop Donkey

Day 9 (Friday 11th December) – Year 3 & 4 – Merry Christmas Everyone

Day 10 (Monday 14th December) – Year 1 & 2 – It was on a Starry Night

Day 11 (Tuesday 15th December) – Year 5 & 6 – Sing Ye Hosannah

Day 12 (Wednesday 16th December)
Year 3 & 4 Bonus Track – All I want for Christmas is You (featuring Garvey)

Year 1 & 2 Bonus Track – We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Day 13 (Thursday 17th December)
Christmas Song sung by the Staff Choir featuring pictures from the EYFS Nativity: 

Day 14 (Friday 18th December)
One last Christmas song from our staff to make you laugh:


Year 3 Recorder Concert 

Year 3 have been learning to play the recorder this term with Mrs Sams from the Enfield Music Service. From learning how to make the sounds, naming and playing all of the notes to being able to read and play a whole piece of music.... all in 8 weeks. 


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Supporting the APF and the School this Christmas 

The APF would really like parents to support this wonderful Christmas experience for the children by donating money to support our joint fundraising efforts. This could be in a number of different ways:

  • by sponsoring a page of the Forty Hill Advent Calendar (suggested donation £5)
  • by donating the amount of money that your children would usually spend at the Christmas Bazaar
  • by donating the money you would usually give for a production or refreshments at one of the events
  • by paying for the Christmas gift the children will make during Christmas Focus Fortnight (suggested donation £2)

Giving anything you can will help the APF and the school raise funds that we so crucially need to keep making our school the best it can be!

To donate any amount, please visit your ParentPay account and follow these instructions:

  • Select ‘pay for other items’ under your child’s name
  • Then select ‘view’ next to the new item “APF Christmas”
  • Select payment amount (you can overwrite the amount already entered if you wish)
  • Select payment method.