APF News
The APF is the Association of Parents and Friends of Forty Hill CE School. We help raise money for the school by organising great events throughout the year. This year’s committee is:

Position Name
Chair Marina Zucconi
Vice Chair Nicola Monk
Secretary Anna Andreou and Jo Nasse
Treasurers Anita Thacker and Katie Leah and Daniella Golebiowska

Every year group has a parent class rep who will be happy to help and pass on any information. Check with your class rep as they have usually set up a form of communication with the whole class e.g. Whatsapp group or Facebook page.

Position Name
Nursery Daniella
Reception Sarah and Katie
Year 1 Zachary and Lynn and Emma
Year 2 Bonita and Sophie
Year 3 Jo and Nicola
Year 4 Janadean and Denise
Year 5 Jo and Ailsa
Year 6 Emma and Sue
Contact Us:
Association of Parents and Friends, Forty Hill CofE School, Forty Hill, Enfield, EN2 9EY
Charity registration number: 268188